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The values


In order to assure certification confidence and guarantee a contribution to customer added value, BQA promotes a smooth progress of its certification activities by building a relationship of confidence with the customer. This confidence is based:

  •         on the strict respect of the confidential nature of the information exchanged between the BQA and the customer personnel,
  •         and on the non-discriminatory treatment in all certification steps.


In order to guarantee impartiality of the performance, BQA has introduced a Committee responsible for the « Safeguard of the impartiality » which activities have as goal:

  •         to follow-up and to possibly improve the impartiality policies related to all certification activities,
  •         to offset every tendency that puts in danger the supply of an objective and reliable certification performance,
  •         and to execute a regular review in order to assure that the audit, the certification and the decision process are all impartial.

Privacy Policy

You can download the BQA Privacy Policy here.