BQA IMS-certification

Innovation management

What is BQA IMS-certification?

BQA IMS is a certifiable standard that ensures that your innovation efforts reach their goal. The standard is based on internationally accepted CEN guidelines and was developed by BQA tailored to the SME.

BQA's IMS certificate helps you to easily implement and maintain an innovation management system (IMS), regardless of the sector, size or life cycle of your company. It follows the well-known PDCA structure (Plan-Do-Check-Act) and can therefore be easily integrated into other management systems, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

For whom?

The BQA IMS certificate was developed tailored to the SME active in research and development.

Why BQA IMS-certification?

BQA's IMS certificate helps you take your innovation capabilities to the next level:

  • leading to insight into the organizational context of your company
  • developing leadership with management commitment
  • planning successful innovations
  • identifying and stimulating factors that drive innovation
  • developing and implementing the innovation management process
  • evaluating and improving the innovation management system
  • supporting insight and application of innovation management techniques

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"Research shows that innovative companies are on average two times more profitable than other companies. The challenge is to structurally incorporate innovation within your company."

Stijn Devaere – Director Services & Lead Auditor

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