BQA-label quality decree Public Service WSE

What is the BQA-label quality decree Public Service WSE?

Does your organisation want to have a training programme recognised that entitles you to Flemish training leave? Do you carry out job placement on behalf of the VDAB? Does your tailor-made company guide people with a work disability? As a service provider, you can apply for a quality label via the Public Service WSE counter (Work and Social Economy).

Form whom?

You perform services in the field of training and education, guidance, job placement, competence development, advice to citizens, companies and third-party organizations. For these services you will receive a funding, subsidy or other form of support from the Public Service Work and Social Economy.

Why BQA-label quality decree Public Service WSE?

In order to apply for recognition of a programme or to submit a tender or grant application, your organisation must meet a number of quality requirements at the level of your entire organisation. You must register this in the WSE counter.

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"As a service to its customers, BQA has drawn up a simple schedule that has been validated by the WSE Service."

Danny De Botselier – Business Developer & Lead Auditor

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