What is RABC?

RABC stands for Risk Analysis and Biocontamination Control. The purpose of this certificate is to achieve an agreed level of microbiological quality through risk analysis and control of biological contamination that is in accordance with the intended use of the textile.

The assessment criteria are the requirements of standard NBN-ENB 14065.

For whom?

  • Companies active in the laundry sector
  • Companies active in the food sector


  • You want to structurally limit the risk of contamination in your company.
  • You want to increase your credibility as a company.

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"Good hygiene is crucial in the healthcare sector and that also applies to the textiles that are used. Customers are looking for demonstrable quality of the products and services they purchase. Certification is an excellent tool for this, that helps a company take its performance to a higher level."

Stijn Devaere – Director Services & Lead Auditor

Are you looking for a RABC-certificate?

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