About BQA

BQA is an accredited certification body with a focus on system certifications for SMEs, both active in industry and services. The expertise of our auditors in the various sectors, our reliability and our independence form the basis of our approach.

Our values


At BQA, we strive for optimal confidence in the certification process and the creation of added value for every assignment. We do this by investing in a relationship of trust with our customers. This trust is based on:

  • strictly respecting the confidential nature of the information exchanged between BQA staff and the customer
  • a non-discriminatory handling of all steps in the certification process
  • risk-based thinking throughout the various audit and certification processes, including the associated preventive measures
  • carrying out the certification activities in an impartial and objective manner.


In order to guarantee independence, BQA has set up a working group that monitors absolute impartiality. The aim of the working group is to:

  • draw up an impartiality policy in all certification activities
  • counter any tendency to hinder the provision of objective and reliable certification activities
  • carrying out a regular assessment to ensure impartiality in the audit processes, the certification processes and the decision-making procedures.

Information available upon simple request

The following information will be made available upon request:

  • the geographical areas in which BQA operates
  • for a specific certificate holder: the name, standard, scope of the certificate and geographic location
  • the status of a particular certification
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