ISO 45001-certification

Well-being at work

What is ISO 45001-certification?

ISO 45001 is the standard for health and safety at work, replacing the old OHSAS 18001 standard. It connects to the HLS (High Level Structure) of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, among others. The standard is about implementing and maintaining a safety and health management system. ISO 45001 supports efforts to comply with occupational well-being legislation.

For whom?

Any company that attaches great importance to occupational safety and well-being at work can request an audit for obtaining the ISO 45001 certificate. Both offices and production companies.

Why ISO 45001?

  • You want to better monitor your legal obligations regarding occupational safety.
  • You are active in a sector prone to occupational accidents.
  • You want to hold an extra argument in your hands against the labour inspectorate or your insurance company.
  • You want to create an additional framework for your prevention advisor.

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"Although they are not conformity audits, certification audits regularly lead to the identification of a number of challenges in terms of well-being at work."

Danny De Botselier – Business Developer & Lead Auditor

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