BQA QA-CER Recycled Content

Recycling management

What is BQA QA-CER Recycled Content?

Today, there is a clear demand from the government, producers and consumers to reuse materials in the context of the circular economy. After all, our planet only has a finite amount of raw materials. It is therefore worthwhile to invest in the quality of the recycling process and of the end product..

BQA QA-CER Recycled Content guarantees the quality system with regard to the recycling process and the use of recyclate, both in terms of the recyclate content and in terms of the quality of the end product. With the aim of supporting the sustainability principle.

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For whom?

  • Sorting and recycling companies of post-industrial and post-consumer waste from plastics, textiles or composites.
  • Plastics processors, textile and composite producers who use post-industrial waste and post-consumer plastic waste.
  • Assembly companies that make composite products with recyclate from plastic parts or textiles..

Why BQA QA-CER Recycled Content?

  • You want to increase the use of recycled material in your business.
  • You want to guarantee the quality of both the recyclate and the recycled content.
  • You want to bring out your efforts in the field of sustainability in a transparent way.
  • You want to increase consumer confidence in products with recycled material (often considered to be of lower quality).
  • You want to guarantee the absence of harmful or toxic substances (QA-CER level 3).

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"BQA QA-CER Recycled Content is one of the six European recognized control systems to certify companies in their declaration to the use of recycled materials. This certification offers an answer to an increasingly strict European regulation on plastic packaging."

Wim Grymonprez – Manager New Business Developments Plastics & Lead Auditor

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